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Extinguishing devices


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Metal extinguishing devices UGM-6X, UGM-12Z


Device is intended to put out fires of D class.

D – flammable metals.

Device is applicable in metal processing plants and other industrial halls, garages, specialistic chemical laboratories, etc.

Construction and operation aspects

  1. durable steel container with epoxidized coating
  2. equipped with CO2 cartridge checkable by weighing
  3. elastic pipe ended with cutting valve and lance
  4. possibility of easy manipulating of extinguishing stream
  5. possibility of interrupting the flow by releasing stream
  6. refillable


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Electronic system extinguishing device UGS-2X

Application Fire equipment UGS-2X is intended to extinguish monitors, computers, RTV equipment, switching stations and control cabinets which are under voltage etc.
Equipment does not cause pressurized thermal shock which is created when a typical Carbon-dioxide extinguisher is used.
Equipment has a fire-hose nozzle which enables a precise control of the gas stream during extinguishing process and does not make any damages in the close area.


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