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Gastronomic extinguisher



gasnica gastronomiczna GWF-3X ABF2.jpeg       

Gastronomic foam extinguisher GWF-3X ABF with water solution of 1% ORCHIDEE SC-1 and INILAM A is used to put out fires of ABF-class.

5A       glowing, flammable solids
55B    flammable liquids
40F    flammable cooking oils



- gastronomy
- domestic kitchens
- paper, wood, gum warehouses
- chemical laboratories
- paint shops
- stores 

GZWM S.A. foam extinguisher has the highest extinguishing effieciency of F-class fires in Poland.
GWF-3X ABF enables extinguishing devices under 1 kV which is confirmed by report of High Voltage
Laboratory (EWN/112/E/09).

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