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Wheeled dry powder extinguishers


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Construction and operation aspects:

  1. durable steel container with epoxidized-polyestered coating
  2. optimal dimensions and shape and easy-to-assembly suspension
  3. user-friendly operation guide on the extinguisher
  4. the extinguisher foam jet can be stopped through releasing the lever
  5. refilling possibility
  6. pressure gauge to check the extinguisher efficiency at any time
  7. a large number of services and a full supply of spare parts.


Wheeled dry powder extinguishers are used to put out fires of ABC class.

  • A - glowing, flammable solids
  • B - flammable liquids
  • C - flammable gases

They are recommended for use at filling stations, petrochemical installations, industrial plants, storehouses, paint shops etc.


Files to download: